A headshot of James holding his fluffy dog and standing in front of an orange Honda Element

I'm a husband, dog dad, plant lover, outdoor explorer, and software engineer based out of Minneapolis. I wish I could call myself a writer, but I don't count myself worthy of that since I write so rarely.

Before my career in tech, I dabbled in quite a few other areas. I studied to be a pastor in undergrad, worked in a factory, and sold insurance. You can learn more about my non-traditional path into tech by listening to this Develomentor podcast.

In the short time I've been a developer (got my start in 2019!), I've been lucky to have worked at two incredible companies. My first role was at soona, a Series-A-raising startup where I helped build out the foundational software. And now you can find me at MainStreet, where I'm working on projects like helping small businesses take advantage of government tax credits. If you want to accelerate your growth, my top recommendation is to work at a rocket ship (one that you've vetted carefully, of course).

When I'm not making things with code, you can usually find me exploring the outdoors with my wife Megan and our dog daughter Solveig (she's the one who looks like a tiny bear in the above photo).